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Here's the original silent Super8 film to tape transfer. It was done at a local camera shop and you can see that the "tech" was making adjustments as he was transferring it! (framing and brightness) Not the best quality and is way too dark. Stay tuned for the later version with sound added.

This was edited "in camera" meaning the way you see it was the way it was shot, no film editing was performed. Most of the principal photography was shot on a Friday night in my dorm room. Vince, the actor, would come in, we would rehearse the shot a couple of times, then shoot. When it came time for the animation of the Blob, Vince would retire to his room and take a nap. When I finished the animation part, I would go get him and complete the next scene. I think we finished up sometime around midnight.
The promo for the sequel was just an after thought, since I still had film left in the camera. This was the very first thing I ever shot with the camera, I had no idea what it was going to look like until I got it developed. Needless to say, we were all overwhelmed at how well it turned out!
We also experimented with "subliminal" shots in between cuts. Since the film ran at 18 frames per second, these are noticeable and are not very subliminal at all. The last one of the pizza was given at least two frames maybe more which makes it the most obvious of them all.

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