This design was based on rejected cover art I worked up for the local Home Builders Associations Home Show. I liked the design so much I used it here for our card. The design originally had a Magnolia Blossom at the bottom which is more for spring so I replaced it with a Camellia blossom, which is more seasonal. The pictured flower is taken from a digital photo of one growing in the lot next to our new house. There are several varieties growing around the property. You can see a little slide show of different flowers I took in the past month or so, here. Also included in the background is the front of our new home. You can see progress photos and a shot of the completed house here. You can also see the many takes of the back photo, I wasn't completely satisfied with the one I used but getting the kids to cooperate was a battle. Photoshop and Illustrator. 200 cards.

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